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'Sober Friend'
Outlaw Rooster - Sold to Dave & Mari in 2008 & now a superstar in his own commercial!

When you find something so wonderful it erases so many wrongs. It absolutely changes your world! I met Lori and she helped me change my world by showing me how to let go of the fears of the past and find the joy of what a wonderful horse can bring into your life. She did this by listening and giving compassion. I called this articulate, intelligent, caring woman and I shared my story with her. It wasn't long before I was able to go to Twin Bridges and meet her in person. We went for a drive to one of her clients' homes and found an amazing family with the horse I had kept in my prayers. I tried to contain myself and stay reserved, because I honestly thought there had to be a hole somewhere in the horse. Just too good to be true. Wide, not too tall, easy to look at, 10 years old, not bothered by a thing, but aware, wonderful gaits, smooth transfers, soft mouth, gentle..gentle, and too many numerous qualities. Lori patiently spent the day.. the entire day with me riding this horse. In the arena, roping, moving cattle, crossing rivers, climbing mountains, over bridges, opening & closing gates, with horses or alone, and on and on. Badger met and exceeded everything I asked of him. Lori knew the horse, new the breeding, new the family and this was her pick for me. This was the only horse I looked at and I was sold. He passed his vet check with flying colors. Lori had the brand inspector available. It was smooth as silk. Lori made my dream a reality. Badger has taught me to trust again. I literally put bailing twine around his neck, bareback, and ride in the pasture with no worries. And if that wasn't enough Badger is teaching my 14 year old daughter to rope. He accommodates himself to her needs. She is new to the sport. She has an older horse that she was trying to rope off and largely because of Lori is able to again. Lori has also helped us with a third horse. I truly can not praise her enough. I think the world of her and am grateful for her continued availability & support! It has been the best summer in years!!!


With a Grateful & Happy Heart...Rebecca

'Badger' sold in July of 2014!

Glendive, Montana

It's long past due for me to thank Lori Fisher of Fisher Equine fame for helping me purchase a horse for my eleven year old granddaughter Hannah. I gave the Lori the long impossible list of must haves and it wasn't long before she had evaluated her sale line up and came up with the the perfect fit. We love Hailey just like Lori told us we would. She has great ground manners, more than knows her job in the arena and is reliable out on the trail. She definitely knows her stuff. She is sweet, kind and wants to please. When I asked my granddaughter this last week what she thought of Hailey she said "I love her, she is a better horse than I ever thought I'd have." If Hannah ever gets tired of riding Hailey this granny will be happy to take over. Hailey is a forever horse for us. Even my husband called her one of the good ones, a real keeper. Lori went above and beyond working with us to help us get a chance to try Hailey out. She told us everything she knew about Hailey. We could not have been happier with Lori's service. 


Lori was spot on when she matched us up with Hailey.

 Thanks Lori!

'Hailey' sold in October of 2013!

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

When I started to look for a new horse I got on the internet and found a horse that could be a possibility, however he was located in Montana...a little far from where I lived. But after I tallked to Lori Fisher, who was selling him, I decided to fly there and check him out because she seemed honest in what she was telling me about Uno.. Boy am I glad I did that...everything that Lori said was righ on....Uno is my "once in a lifetime" horse..exactly as she advertised him. Not only was she truthful about Uno, when I got there, she had Uno in a "new" environment to him so I really saw how how he would react to unknown things. I bought him, brought him home, and Lori continued to help me in the transition periiod, as Uno and I got used to each other. When I had a concern or question about a bit or training method, she was a phone call away!! Very reassuring to me..many people selling horses wouldn't give that help after the horse was a big shout out to

Lori for selling me my very special Uno!!

'Uno' sold in January of 2014!

Denver, Colorado

'Tex' sold in January of 2014!

Ojai, California

We wanted to say Thank you Lori for our sweet boy Tex who is now named Whisper. We (as you already know) bought Whisper from you for our little girl who is 6 so finding just the right horse was very very important. After talking to you about our needs you matched up the perfect horse for our daughter. I go on long Mountin hikes and can now bring my little one on Whisper with confidence that she will be safe. We are in love with him.

Thank you again! Jes

"Lefty' sold in 2011!

Santa Paula, California

Ok !!! Just had to BRAG!!!
We got "LEFTY" from Lori a few years back & he is my husbands ALL TIME FAVORITE horse he's ever owned!!! (And as a vet, he's owned a lot!!!)  We have a cattle ranch & he fits right in & does EVERY job without fail!  He's so rock solid in whatever we do... He's roped off of, week long camp trips through the Sierras, and is unflappable in the "Rancheros Visitadores" men's riding group (Lefty is the handsome buckskin in the middle ) in that ride there are 850 horses that parade thru Solvang, go on a 25 mile ride, then party & do horse activities for a week. My hubby got best horseman in the camp on Lefty last year!!!
He's there right now as I type, otherwise he'd be singing her praise himself!!
I've sent friends on to her, and she has never failed to make a perfect match!!!
If you need a reference just get ahold of me!!!

I purchased my horse (and best friend) Duke from Lori Fisher 4 years ago now! After just having a huge horse wreck that landed me in the hospital, I was looking for a horse that would be reliable and fit my needs. I found Lori's Fisher Equine web page and found a horse that looked like he might fit. We called her and within a week we went to look at Duke. Lori was awesome because she met us half way so we didn't have to drive so far. We saw and rode Duke and he was everything Lori said he would be. She is amazing at knowing who will fit with which horse, and honest which is a rare quality in people selling horses. Since that I have built a great relationship, both business and personal with Lori and will ABSOLUTLEY go back when looking for another horse! Plus, in July I am going on a woman's retreat pack trip with her and what sounds like a group of great gals! Can't wait! Thanks Lori for everything and for finding me Duke.

'Duke' sold in 2011!

Cody, Wyoming

I've bought 2 of the best horses EV-ER from Lori. All my friends just "love and admire" them on the trail. Here's the real kicker - I've never met Lori LOL. I've not even been to her place or talked to her  I just sent an email, told her what I was looking for, and she shipped them to my place...YAY! I know, sounds strange, but I'm deaf. She has a "return if you don't like" policy, so why not...right? She also helps me with my riding confidence by sending tutorial videos she filmed herself....WHOOP! Anyway...guess what? I'm gonna finally meet Miss Lori this July. She's toting me along in the Montana mountains for a fun-filled weekend with gal pals and their mounts.....TOTALLY STOKED!

'Lena' sold in 2011!

Bottineau, North Dakota!

'Charlie' sold in 2013!

Bottineau, North Dakota!

'Zoey' sold in September of 2012!

Rathdrum, Idaho

When I purchased Zoey from Lori, I actually had no intention of buying a horse at that moment. I had to put my previous horse down several months before that, and decided that I would just be "horseless" for a while and help my daughter with her 4H horse. When Lori brought Zoey to a clinic for me to try, it really wasn't even "love at first sight", although my time with her was limited because we were all headed home shortly. But since a couple of my friends had good horses that they bought from Lori, I decided to give her a try and I am so glad that I did. She is the sweetest horse, and every time I take her out I say "have I said yet today how much I love my horse?" She takes care of me on the trail and she is talented in the arena even though she was previously used as a ranch horse. She has so much willingness and try in her...I really can't imagine

loving another horse as much as I love her.

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